You’ve got a track bike, or a race bike, and it’s wearing the remains of a stripped out OE loom. Well, maybe that’s good enough – but if you’re serious about facing up to the heat of competition, then you need your electrics to be reliable.

That’s where we can help.

Visorvision GSX-R750 SRAD modern classic, part-wired by Electro34

Visorvision GSX-R750 SRAD modern classic, part-wired by Electro34

Stripping out a standard loom for a racebike build is something we’ve probably all considered, but it isn’t such a great move. OE loom design always rates speed of installation in the factory over the ideal cable routing, and they don’t use high quality materials – they’re built to a price. Also carrying empty connections and dead end wires in a stripped out loom introduces multiple and often untraceable fail points.

OE looms over 20 years old use materials that are simply nowhere near as good as available today – our thinwall wires are a classic example of lighter, higher rated and more flexible material which can be put to good use in our race looms.

Whether it’s a pure racebike like an old TZ, or modern production racer like a GSXR or ZX10R, we’ll build a loom that can be trusted, is lighter and carry none of the stripped out looms failure risks. We can also accommodate wiring special race parts into your loom, such as quickshifter or Gear Indicator.



Visorvision GSX1100 “Spa Katana” as featured in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics – totally rewired by Electro34